Bhargav Khambholja bio picture

Bhargav Khambholja

Technology Solutions Project Manager

In his role, Bhargav manages technology and low-voltage projects for new construction and retrofit/system replacement sites. His goal is to implement a solution that takes care of seniors effectively, while easing the work of staff and creating a collaborative environment. His attention to detail and needs of the clients allows him to go beyond just installing a system. He helps clients understand the wider solution that enables staff efficiencies and better resident experiences.

Technology Design


3 years

I'm motivated by
my wife and son. They remind me every day how to smile and rise above anything life throws at you.

My favorite place to travel is
any warm destination with a beach. I love digging my toes into the sand and listening to the crashing waves.

My hobbies include
DIY projects around my house - I'm always up for a challenge and love learning something new.