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Senior living communities are evolving, and Gracewin Living of Baxter, Minnesota, is at the forefront of this transformation. In collaboration with Direct Supply® Aptura®, Gracewin Living of Baxter has successfully redefined active adult living spaces with a focus on modern design and vibrant aesthetics.

Gone are the days of heavy drapes, community rooms that look like a time capsule of the 1980s, and muted colors. Active adult residents desire living spaces that are modern and cohesive to their day-to-day life and active, independent lifestyles. That’s where Aptura® comes in. Our Aptura® team completed design for three levels of residential living, which included 46 ground-up, new construction units; unit sizes ranged from 921 sq. ft. to 1,375 sq. ft.

exterior of Gracewin of Baxter

When Gracewin Living of Baxter, Minnesota, approached the Aptura® team to partner on this project, a top priority was to design for resident autonomy and sustainability, while meeting the unique demands of an active adult community. Gracewin Living of Baxter is a 55+ community for aging adults centered around an active lifestyle for a vibrant generation who cares about natural-looking aesthetics, social-based activities and a living situation that is truly independent. Aptura® designers incorporated a fresh, modern take on that ethos to appeal to a younger demographic.

Natural-Inspired Senior Living Spaces

Gracewin Living of Baxter draws inspiration from its stunning natural surroundings. As the community is located in the Brainerd area, which comprises multiple, large-body lake clusters, the community wanted to capture the essence of the outdoors. The Aptura® design team made sure to incorporate earthy colors, including blues, golds, greens, and coppery hues, reminiscent of water and natural landscapes. Unique lighting, wood elements, and stone accents work together to create a crisp, modern, and inviting atmosphere. Each common area within the community offers a distinct ambiance, ensuring that each space in Gracewin Baxter feels like its own destination.

couch and bookshelves
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“Gracewin Living of Baxter is unique in that it’s our first active adult co-op project. Through strong collaboration and communication, Direct Supply® was able to provide deliverables when the client needed them and procure all FF&E for delivery on time as the construction was completed while remaining $30,000 under budget.”

Design Features for an Active Adult Community

  • The community room, opening onto a vast patio and cookout space, provides a warm and inviting area for social gatherings.
  • The library and lounge with a double-sided fireplace offers a cozy and relaxed environment.
  • The owner’s lounge on the third floor, featuring a golf simulator, creates a unique hangout spot.
  • The Creator’s Shop, where artisans and crafters can continue to pursue their artistic passions, is another space designed to support resident hobbies and socialization.
golf simulator
library and lounge
community room

Each area within Gracewin Living of Baxter maintains its own character while focusing on a cohesive design theme. The Aptura® team created physical design boards of each of the unit package style offerings, so the client was a part of the vibrant senior community design process every step of the way. Aptura® also managed artwork installation as well as the procurement and installation of all furnishings, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E). Selections were thoughtfully made to achieve the design vision and maximize the project budget. In fact, the Aptura® team delivered the project at $30,000 under budget.


Senior Living Community Transformation

Gracewin Living of Baxter stands out as an exceptional example of how collaboration between the client, designer and construction teams can elevate outcomes. This project also had the benefit of a client that was passionate about creating an exceptional living environment for its residents.

While no significant roadblocks were encountered during the project, the Aptura® design team worked to provide additional design options and ensure that the design met Gracewin Living of Baxter’s comfort and budget requirements. This flexibility allowed the project to progress smoothly and finish on-time.

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“The client provided us with a lot of inspiration they had collected, and the collaboration was exceptional. It was a pleasure working with Gracewin Living of Baxter, and their investment in the project was evident in the results.”


Community-Based Design for Active Adults

Gracewin Living of Baxter is not just a senior living community; it is a testament to the possibilities of creating a vibrant and engaging environment for active adults. With a focus on fresh, modern design, the project has exceeded expectations, and the collaboration between the client and the project team has been nothing short of impressive. Gracewin Living of Baxter is a unique and forward-thinking concept that sets the stage for future active adult communities.

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