Strategic Project Evaluation

Assess the feasibility of your project

Backed by years of experience in senior housing project development and execution, our industry-leading analysts, planners, architects and construction managers develop a Senior Living feasibility study to assess your project strategy and develop the scope, concept design, budget and timeline. Aptura® ultimately optimizes your project’s ROI, helping you scope the right project, in the right market within the right timeline and budget.

The Aptura® Advantage

Since the beginning, Aptura has specialized in designing and building for the senior living sector, covering the entire nation across all markets and price points. Our specialized knowledge and long history with the Senior Living industry ensure a deep understanding of the particular markets you operate within, along with the complex regulatory requirements they entail. Our approach, combined with nearly four decades of experience in Senior Living, empowers us to refine budgets and help you reduce project risks, without losing sight of your project’s objectives and vision.

How it Works

1. Project Scope

Align scope of work with need, budget and ROI.

2. Feasibility Analysis

Manage risk by ensuring project scope is executable.

3. Concept Design

Visual documentation of project scope to help align stakeholders and leverage creative opportunities to increase ROI.

4. Project Budget

Ensure all scope of work costs are clearly identified and support ROI expectations.

5. Project Timeline

Create a realistic timeline based on your budget, resources and goals.

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