Chad Bussie bio picture

Chad Bussie

Development Consultant

Chad brings more than 10 years of Senior Living and Client Relationship Management experience to Aptura. In his role, he consults with Owners, Operators, Developers, and Real Estate Investors to determine how to gain the greatest return on investment as they renovate, reposition, and build new senior housing assets. Chad enjoys applying his direct experience in Capital planning and leadership of our Capital teams to finding the right combination of professional service solutions to meet the project needs. He thoughtfully considers the best interests of all parties while negotiating, contracting, and kicking off projects to ensure successful and timely execution.

10+ years

  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater: Bachelor of Science in Finance

If I could have a superpower it would be
Teleporting. I enjoy traveling and seeing the world and just imagine all of the places you could see if you could you didn’t have to fly to get there.

My hidden talent is
a combination of unusual things. I can walk on my hands, juggle and ride bikes backwards. I learned as a kid and they are still with me today.

My hobbies include
golfing, running, and fishing. I enjoy anything that takes me outdoors and I even enjoy the cold weather of WI and the outdoor activities that it brings.