Erin Pozolo bio picture

Erin Pozolo

Director of Marketing

Erin currently leads Direct Supply's healthcare and design, construction, and renovation marketing teams, helping create and communicate new offerings that deliver unbeatable value to clients. Erin is skilled at translating big ideas into measurable actions - she enjoys building teams and empowering team members to achieve their business and professional development goals.



11 years

  • University of Notre Dame: Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering
  • Northwestern University: Master of Business Administration and Master of Engineering Management

My favorite place to travel to is
the beach. I love the sun, sea and relaxing in the sand with a good book.

My hobbies include
biking and hiking with my golden retriever, Zoe Pozolo.

My favorite part of working in Senior Living is
creating welcoming and safe spaces helps residents feel more comfortable, caregivers feel more confident, and family members feel greater peace of mind.