Market Intelligence

Ensure your project meets a market need

How competitive is the market? Which location is best for your community?

Get data-driven answers with a holistic assessment of a project’s market opportunity. Through senior housing research, market data, economic modeling and nationwide experience, we provide Senior Living market reports to help you craft local market and competitive strategies that help you:

Select new markets

Assess project opportunities

Optimize investments

Enhance operations

Evaluate project feasibility

Reposition business or asset

How It Works


Once we understand your project or market’s current state and goals, the team will tour the area, evaluate demographic maps and integrate operations feedback to define the Primary Market Area.


Our experts conduct a Senior Living market study and assess demographics, competition and market demand as well as integrate feedback from prospects, residents or their adult children.


The team analyzes the market’s opportunity and develops a senior housing market report, competitive strategy and a maximum project cost that meets your financial goals – all to help you make data-driven, objective decisions about your potential project.