Resident bedrooms are some of the most important spaces in the community – it’s essential residents feel relaxed and comfortable in their own space. Not only can designing inviting and relaxing resident bedrooms help increase resident satisfaction, it can boost the community’s marketability as well. Here are five considerations for creating alluring spaces:

1. Choose calming colors

Create a relaxing atmosphere with calm and soothing colors, like cool blue and green hues and natural tones. Choosing softer shades instead of brighter tones can help the space feel like home.

2. Maximize small spaces

When space is limited, it’s particularly important to take a creative approach to ensure it’s easy to get around the room – not only for resident safety and caregiver usability, but also for assistance and aesthetics. Choose furniture and accessories with a smaller footprint, like the Maxwell Thomas® Kensington Non-Powered Lift Chair, to help save space.

3. Personalize with accessories

On-trend accent lighting, decorative pillows and soft, organic window treatments can help create a welcoming ambiance. Include a resident’s accessories from home, like photographs, keepsakes and favorite blankets, to help personalize the space.

CES Device on Senior Resident with a Walker

4. Select durable furnishings

Achieve a residential look with comfortable and supportive accent seating for family and friends. Adding a matching casegoods collection can help create a cohesive feel.

Casegoods are an essential part of any resident room. If you’re unsure which material you should choose for casegoods, there are a few options to consider based on the community’s needs and preferences.


Perfect for hospitality-inspired and transitional care environments, upscale veneer construction is warm and inviting and often features high-pressure laminate tops that resist moisture and spills. Check out the Maxwell Thomas® Ridgeland Collection, a residential-inspired veneer collection.


Seamless surfaces are highly resistant to moisture, denting, cracking, chipping and peeling for a fresh look that will last in demanding settings like Memory Care. The Maxwell Thomas® Evanston Collection features durable thermolaminate construction and an Arts and Crafts style.


This budget-conscious option is available in a spectrum of styles so you don’t have to sacrifice the look you want for the price point you need. Plus, high-pressure laminate tops add durability where you need it most. Discover high-end laminate in the Maxwell Thomas® Plymouth Collection.

5. Opt for innovative TVs

Add entertainment to resident rooms with the latest TVs. For shared rooms, choose options that allow for multiple TVs to be used in one room without remote control interference, like the Coninu-us Long Term Care Lite LED HDTV. Larger TVs are trending as well – consider 49″ – 55″, high-definition, wall-mounted options to boost marketability.

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