The novel coronavirus pandemic is reshaping the Senior Living industry in unprecedented ways. As the largest provider of Senior Living design and construction services, we want to share our emerging learnings. Our experts have collaborated on this series, “Forward Focus,” to provide a viewpoint on what we are seeing and hearing from operators, funders, and the design and construction community. We are committed to being the source for innovative, multi-disciplinary solutions to help you emerge safer and stronger on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you find this series helpful, and please contact us for more information or to collaborate on solutions.

Design and Materials to Support COVID-19 Infection Control

We’re seeing a number of emerging design and material trends that will help prevent the spread of infection in the future. Chris Frommell, Vice President of Aptura, shares how we’re thinking strategically to help owners and operators provide better outcomes in a post-pandemic world.

Impacts of COVID-19 on Senior Living Interior Environments and Design

Designing healthy buildings will be top of mind for the entire design industry as we come out of this crisis. Erin Berry, Interior Design Director, shares her perspective on how healthy environments and the latest innovations in design and furnishings will affect Senior Living interiors moving forward.

How Senior Living Furnishings Manufacturers Are Responding to COVID-19

How has COVID-19 affected the furnishings supply chain? Tom Piwaron, Senior Products Sourcing Manager, shares his thoughts on how suppliers are handling the pandemic and how it may affect pricing in the future.

Ways Access Control is Changing Due to COVID-19 

When it comes to moving forward from COVID-19, technology will play a key role. James Jansen, Technology Product Manager, and Patrick Mahoney, Senior Technology Designer, talk about the latest trends in access control and how they see this technology leading us out of the crisis.

How COVID-19 is Driving Telehealth Technology Demand in Senior Living Communities 

During the pandemic, we’re staying on top of the latest Senior Living innovation and technology, including telehealth and telemedicine. Patrick Mahoney, Senior Technology Designer, and James Jansen, Technology Project Manager, share more about this emerging trend and how it can help us provide care.

Benefits of Real Time Location Services (RTLS) in Senior Living in a Post-COVID-19 World 

We’re hearing a lot of questions about what innovation and technology will help us move past the COVID-19 pandemic. One trend we’re seeing is the use of Real Time Location Services (RTLS). James Jansen, Technology Project Manager, shares how these systems could help with contract tracing in Senior Living.

How COVID-19 is Impacting the Senior Living Dining Experience

We are frequently asked about how food delivery is changing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Chris Frommell, Vice President and General Manager of Aptura, shares his perspective on the changing dining strategies operators may need to implement in the future.

Changes to Senior Living Project Delivery and Installation during COVID-19

How has the furnishings installation process changed due to COVID-19? Nick Malone, Project Operations Manager, shares the changes we’ve made in the short term to ensure safety and how virtual services can lead to successful installations in the future.

Architectural Considerations for Senior Living COVID-19 Operations

We are often asked how operators will change the way they design their buildings in light of this pandemic. Gaurie Rodman, Development Services Director, shares her thoughts on how the fundamentals of Senior Living haven’t changed and what operators can do to continue to care for seniors when pandemics occur.

Whether you are an operator, funder, or part of the design and construction community, we can help you navigate this uncertain time. View our full range of design and construction services, or contact us todayFor more insights into emerging trends during the pandemic, explore our COVID-19 series.