This webinar features Direct Supply’s Technology Solutions Product Manager – James Jansen, and Senior Director of Program Development, Technology Solutions – John Rydzewski.

Technology is changing the way the world communicates and connects, and Senior Living is no exception. New advancements in Senior Living technology are coming at us rapidly. Yet, most operators find themselves behind current industry technology trends that will help enable future growth. Having a better understanding of the current and future state of Senior Living-specific technology is key to thriving in today’s environment while providing exceptional resident care.

In this session, attendees will learn about:

  • The current state of technology in Senior Living
  • How to plan for, select and implement new technologies that provide customized solutions for your operational and care challenges
  • Emerging Senior Living technology trends
  • The future of technology in Senior Living, including Smart Buildings, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

Join us to discuss the above trends, and provide actionable next steps to improve your technology footprint and operations.

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